Qittle offers new way to communicate business messages

…Qittle is a cross between a marketing company, an art studio and a web platform, combined with a lot of networking and simple fun. It’s about storytelling on a variety of levels to attract customers.

“When I started the business in 2008, it was a text messaging business, and I modeled it after Constant Contact,” said McConnell, 35, from his downtown studio at 530 11th St., which he moved to from Aspen in June. “I started doing workshops for Constant Contact, and teaching workshops, and I really started to see that businesses needed help in sharing their story and crafting it in a way that was interesting.

“In this day and age with so much content being created, I feel like a business has to resonate and create some sort of ‘here we are.’ ”

Then he stumbled onto his downtown studio, complete with aging brick walls that could tell stories of the past 95 or so years, and remodeled hardwood floors that put a polish on the cavernous, open-space building.

He put his desk — a scrap piece from a barn door at a Weld County dairy, topped with glass and framed with an old bicycle — in the center, and set to building his new business model around him.

McConnell decided to help business owners tell their stories and the concept evolved. McConnell contacted Greeley artist Armando Silva, 26, after seeing his Einstein mural downtown. A few more conversations later, the pair came up with the new marketing concept in which portraits were a central theme, coupled with a 26-minute videotaped interview and a written story for businesses to use with their traditional marketing.

“We’re learning as we’re going,” Silva said. “This is all brand new. No one else is doing it.”

During a half-hour recorded interview with McConnell, Silva paints a portrait inspired by the discussion. Business owners can display the video on their Qittle page, plus a time-lapse version of Silva’s portrait session, and the actual portrait can be used to draw potential customers in to watch that video or read that business’s story. Portraits hang in the Qittle studio for a month, and the hope is to display them around town…

Photos and full story at http://www.greeleytribune.com/news/local/7696888-113/business-qittle-mcconnell-silva

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