Tribune Opinion: Jazz Festival hits the right notes for Greeley, UNC

It’s that time of year again.Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 10.07.54 AM

Young musicians have a little extra pep in their step, and longtime jazz fans are flocking to Greeley. The reason? We’re in the midst of the UNC/Greeley Jazz Festival. The annual event brings thousands to Greeley for performances from some of jazz music’s best-known and legendary artists.

This year, the headliner was Wayne Shorter. Even if you’re not a jazz aficionado, you’ve probably heard of him…

…We’re pretty big fans of the Jazz Festival. It’s a great example of the value of cooperation between UNC and the city. Both benefit from it.

Greeley has developed something of a reputation for excellent music performances, and the festival is a cornerstone of that reputation. UNC, which also has a great reputation for its jazz bands, gets a chance to showcase itself to the many high school students who come to town for the event.

The Jazz Festival is a hidden gem for all of us. Neither Fort Collins nor Loveland have something like this. If you enjoy the festival as much as we do every year, we hope you’ll have fun at the final day today. If you haven’t been to check it out yet, we hope you’ll make time for it.

— The Tribune Editorial Board (Greeley Tribune, Saturday, April 26, 2014)

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