World Record-Holder for Longest Chalk Pavement Art!!

2015 Great Greeley Chalk-A-Lot!

It’s official! The Guinness World Records Headquarters has declared Greeley as the new world record holder of the title of “Longest Chalk Pavement Art.”Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 3.56.44 PM

What this translates to is a chalk drawing of 6.56 feet wide by 18,761 feet long – 3.5532 miles to be exact. The record was attempted on September 12, 2015 at the University of Northern Colorado student center parking lots and adjacent city street.

Over 125 volunteers planned the event for more than 9 months leading up to the record attempt, which included

  • a way to carefully adhere to the Guinness World Record standards
  • find sponsors to underwrite the event
  • execute a community engagement strategy to encourage participation
  • secure chalk
  • hope for good weather
  • make it easy to take part
  • and then trust enough of the community would show up to draw.

And show up they did!

Over 3,500 community members came to draw. Some came to draw one “square” of the chalk art outline, others spent all day drawing many pictures. By the end of the day, a colorful mosaic of chalk drawings snaked through the parking lots and across the street, captured on impressive drone photos and video by Cloudgate, a local company.

The drawing was officially measured by Chuck Jones, a local surveyor, and adherence of the final artwork to the Guinness standards was confirmed by Emeritus Art Professor, Dik Munson.

Read More here and order your Official Participant Certificate from Guinness

order fun products here ….

or print your own commemorative card at this link

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