Access & Inclusion Grant and more!

Greeley Creative District Access and Inclusion Grant

The Greeley Creative District Board supports and advocates for broad community engagement with the arts via events, festivals, and other creative experiences, especially for groups that may be typically under-represented in such endeavors. To that end, the GCD has created a mini-grant program to help underwrite that portion of an event that would increase access and inclusion to foster a broad community experience.

Access & Inclusion Grant application form

Finding the Grant “Money Tree”

There are many grants out there but jumping through the hoops to apply for grants can certainly seem like a daunting task. When looking at a huge challenge such as this, it is best to take the challenge one step at time. Here are some tips to help you stay focused and accomplish your goals.

  1. Determine your personal goals and make sure everything you do after that supports your goals.
  2. Read the grant instructions thoroughly. Making a small mistake could make a big difference.
  3. Network! Do you know anyone in the organization? Can they give you information about how the art will be viewed? Do they know the timing of the application process?
  4. Customize your application to the audience. Although the requirements may be similar on many grant applications, it is important to make each application unique.
  5. Create your grant calendar well in advance. Although many sites do not currently have their deadlines posted, it is important to check back often so that you can easily meet their deadlines. Once you know the deadline, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time for completion.

Websites for Grant Applications

Bohemian Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Colorado Creative Industries

Community Foundation- Greeley and Weld County
…and many more!

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