Mitzi M. Moran: A story about gratitude, winding through a rare illness with odd symptoms and how a kind intervention by a stranger helped my husband to diagnosis and ultimately treatment.

Born in Colorado, Mitzi was raised as the 4th generation on the family farm in Yuma, and is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. While attending UNC, Mitzi’s work in health care began at North Colorado Medical Center, where she held a variety of positions. Her expansive experience led her in 1988 to become the clinic manager, and later CEO, at Sunrise Community Health. Mitzi was recognized as a BizWest Media Northern Colorado Women of Distinction Honoree in Health Care and as a North Range Behavioral Health Community Champion, and volunteers on several state and local boards, including Colorado Access and KUNC. She and her husband, Jeff Fisher, have 3 children. Hanging in Mitzi’s office is this grounding thought: “We are completely at choice who we will be today in our interactions with others. Compassionate, kind, giving, and forgiving will create one set of probabilities. Angry, judgmental, critical, and defensive will create another one altogether.”

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