Halloween props, masks and monsters with Ed Edmunds

You have to love OUR Creative District– from artists, to dancers, to musicians to monster makers– we have it all! Another great video of our talent from Infusion 5. Thank you Colorado Creative Industries for these great videos!  http://infusion5.com/beyondthegallery/ed-edmunds/

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Colorado Ranked #1 For Participation in Visual and Performance Arts

Greeley Unexpected blogger Bryan Bean just shared this great information:

It’s no surprise to many of us that live Colorado that a recent survey ranked our state number-one for participation in the arts. A ranking like that shows that there is not just one or two cities showcasing creativity, but cities all over the state. Greeley is certainly doing its share to help add to the vibrant arts scene that Colorado has to offer.

The National Endowment for the Arts conducted the nation’s largest survey of public participation in the arts to discover what kinds of art forms and activities people actually engage with. The Denver Post reports that the survey results put Colorado well-ahead of most other states in participation; with 52% of adults in Colorado attending live performance arts events and 59.2% attending visual arts events. (Both of those are more than 14% above the national average.) The Post also reported the staggering fact that Coloradans attend classical concerts, dance performances and nonmusical plays nearly twice the rate of the average American!

The top three states for adult attendance of performance arts were:

  1. Colorado 52%
  2. North Dakota 51%
  3. Maryland 48%

Read Bryan’s whole article here:


Gnarly Trombone: Chalk event fun for the kiddos young and old

Comments on the Chalk-a-lot – such a great event we can’t stop talking about it.

From humorist Mike Peters’ weekly column in the Greeley Tribune:

“…We went in the morning and after drawing our two pictures, we left… But we couldn’t stay away. We returned in the afternoon and drew two more sections of artstuff.”

Read Mike’s whole column at:


Chalk-a-lot Event a Great Success!

More than 2000 people enjoyed a great day on Saturday, September 6, as Greeley attempted a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous chalk drawing.  3.7 miles of connected 6.6 foot squares was the recording-breaking goal.  We made it to 1.5 miles and approximately 1400 squares–an American record at least, if not the world record!

Most importantly, everyone that participated had so much fun!  We all enjoyed a beautiful sunny day, music, making new friends and laughing with long-time friends and neighbors, all the while creating an amazing trail of nature-themed, brightly colored designs.  It was truly a fantastic community gathering.

See photos on our Facebook page 

1st Annual AgriCulture Fest and Feast a Great Success

On August 23rd, the Greeley Creative District hosted the inaugural AgriCulture Fest and Feast to explore and celebrate the endless ways our local rural and urban arenas intersect and enrich our lives.  The Fest during the day was filled with activity, history, education and entertainment, followed by the locally-sourced 12+ course Feast that evening.  The entire experience was nothing less than amazing.  More than 2000 people enjoyed the Fest. The Feast was sold out to 250 very lucky diners.

In this case, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Follow the link below to see photos of the events. In the linked pdf documents, you can read about the incredible chefs, food providers and sponsors that made the AgriCulture Fest & Feast possible —and a total success.


Dinner ProgramMenu Final

Menu Final


Downtown Colorado, Inc. Announces 2014 Governor’s Awards for Downtown Excellence

Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) just announced the 2014 Governor’s Awards for Downtown Excellence recipients. And there we were!!

  • 2014 Colorful Colorado: Greeley Creative District. The Colorful Colorado Award is given to an exciting, inspiring, creative, fun or effective project that the judges wish to recognize beyond the scope of the original nomination category. This high honor is reserved for projects which transcend multiple award categories to demonstrate an exceptional contribution to the community’s vitality. The Greeley Creative District demonstrated exemplary work in regional collaboration, promotional events, and community creativity.

All Governor’s Awards winners will be honored at the 2014 Governor’s Awards for Downtown Excellence Ceremony and Best of Fort Collins Festival on September 11, 2014, which will be held during DCI’s Vibrant Colorado Downtowns Conference in Fort Collins.

Since 2003, the Governor’s Awards has recognized outstanding projects and people that reflect an attitude of perseverance and dedication to community revitalization in Colorado. All 2014 nominated projects were completed between September 1, 2010 and May 30, 2014.

This year’s nominees represent some of Colorado’s best contributions to vibrant local communities,” said Katherine Correll, executive director, Downtown Colorado, Inc. “On behalf of DCI members, board of directors, and staff, we congratulate the winners and all of the nominees for excellent work to enhance Colorado’s commercial districts.”

Photos of the winning projects, along with accompanying details, are also being featured on DCI’s Facebook page, where members will have a chance to vote for their favorite projects. The people’s choice winner, based on the number of “likes” given to each project on Facebook, will receive special accolades.

View further details on the Governor’s Awards Reception and Best of Fort Collins Festival here.