Fight! Work! Save!

“Sam Hetzel should be finished with the mural by the time you read this after spending a little more than three full days on it. Hetzel painted the camp, a blue sky dotted by white poofy clouds and purple mountains (because all mountains are purple, according to “American The Beautiful,” although in this case purple was also a nice contrast to the golden prairie beneath).”

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[Greeley Tribune]

The “Fight! Work! Save! 1940s Homefront” exhibit at the Greeley History Museum opens on March 16 at 10:00 a.m.–stop by and learn about the history of Greeley and appreciate the creative talents of people then and now.

Partially-completed mural at the Greeley History Museum

Greeley Arts Picnic Accepting Applications

Whether you’re a student, amateur or professional, I think you’d agree our Greeley community is filled with talented creatives!

The Arts Picnic “Park Your Art” Committee is accepting applications for artist and craft booths for the 2013 summer show. They’re due by April 22.

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