How to make the most of local music and art events

Graduating student Sarah Kirby writes about her experience at UNC and Greeley.

“I did not know anyone when I moved here, but I will be leaving with dear friends and fantastic memories, most of which involve the arts scene that constitutes Greeley’s creative flair. With memories of Ben Pu’s solo acoustic performances while drinking Crabtree’s delicious beer at the Chumpkin Pumpkin, Irish Music courtesy of the Stubby Shellelaghs at Patrick’s Irish Pub on Tuesday nights and big band performances by UNC jazz students in the park, I believe no one can say that Greeley does not provide opportunities for students and community members to relax after a long workday and be entertained.”

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James Hall Defies Perception of Classical Music

Greeley flutist may seem rebellious, but he simply wants to push tradition forward»

“Hall grew up in a strict, conservative household, run by parents who wouldn’t let him listen to popular music. Hall didn’t want to rebel, not yet, so he made do listening to oldies on an AM radio, the only one he had in his car.

His parents didn’t mind him playing in band, however, and even if he started a little late — he picked up a flute when he was in the eighth grade because he liked the way it sounded — he got good in a hurry. By the time he got to college, he knew he wanted a career in music, even if he didn’t know what that meant. He didn’t know he could play for a living.”

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Students Write, Direct and Star in ‘Scarlet Letter’ Musical

Students Write, Direct and Star in ‘Scarlet Letter’ Musical»

“Imagine letting 30 kids ages 14-18 rewrite an 1850s classic novel that explores legalism, sin and guilt.

Now imagine letting them to make it into a musical.

It may sound far fetched, but that is exactly what Sandy Collins, the drama and orchestra teacher at Frontier Academy’s high school, did recently.”

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