How to make the most of local music and art events

Graduating student Sarah Kirby writes about her experience at UNC and Greeley.

“I did not know anyone when I moved here, but I will be leaving with dear friends and fantastic memories, most of which involve the arts scene that constitutes Greeley’s creative flair. With memories of Ben Pu’s solo acoustic performances while drinking Crabtree’s delicious beer at the Chumpkin Pumpkin, Irish Music courtesy of the Stubby Shellelaghs at Patrick’s Irish Pub on Tuesday nights and big band performances by UNC jazz students in the park, I believe no one can say that Greeley does not provide opportunities for students and community members to relax after a long workday and be entertained.”

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Eclectic music group made of UNC students, alumni

“If Gersten sounds more like a coach addressing his basketball team before they storm the court, maybe that’s the idea. The By The Numbers Soundpainting ensemble, a Greeley group made up of University of Northern Colorado students and alumni, is unconventional at best.”

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Threads of Life on Display Through March 13

“When Molly Johnson Martinez left the University of Northern Colorado, she was going to be an artist. Actually, more like an Artiste.

‘It was all about me,’ Martinez said.

That changed. Sometimes age or children will offer the perspective needed to look beyond your navel, but in Martinez’s case, it was the quilts currently hanging in the UNC galleries. She was in town last week to show them off.”

‘Threads of Life’ tell immigrants’ stories one quilt at a time»

‘Threads of Life’ is on display through March 13 at UNC’s Mariani and Oak Room galleries.

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